SFML Template to start with your game

If you have setup SFML  with the tutorial that I wrote, the example is easy but is not very useful if you want to create more complex games. In this post, I going to show you how I create a simple Game class to have more control about the game loop, the user input and … Read more

GBA Development setup in macOS

To develop in GBA we need the tools to do it, and installing it in macOS is simple even if they take a few steps. Install pacman The first thing we must do is install pacmac, which will allow us to download the devkitpro for the GBA, to install it we must go to the … Read more

OpenGL Setup in macOS

We have configured SFML in macOS, now we’re going to configure OpenGL with macOS and Xcode. First, you need to install GLFW brew install glfw Then, you need to download GLAD to get the OpenGL headers: Use gl version 4.1 if you want to be compatible with macOS and in Profile select Core. Click in … Read more

About my learning of GameDev

For a long time I wanted to create video games; In fact, it was thanks to RPG Maker that I start to learn programming and I liked it, and that’s why I became a software developer After a while I finally set out to really develop a game and release something, more than anything like … Read more