¡Hi! My name is Giovanni Cortes and I live in Mexico City. I like all related with app development with iOS, Elixir and Python and generally all about programming.

I’ve been developer for 7+ years coding in languages like Python, C#, Elixir, Swift, Objective-C and Kotlin. Actually I am working as iOS and Backend Developer using Swift and Elixir.

In my free time I like to play video games and making it 🙂 I use MonoGame and I am learning C++ to program GBA games. I like to read about History and watch documentaries.

About the blog

I created this blog to share experiences and to teach programming. To be honest, I am not an expert but is good to share the knowledge. I am a Spanish native speaker and I create this blog to practice English too, so if you find some typo or error you can tell me to fixed!