Giovanni Codes

About my learning of GameDev

For a long time I wanted to create video games; In fact, it was thanks to RPG Maker that I start to learn programming and I liked it, and that’s why I became a software developer

After a while I finally set out to really develop a game and release something, more than anything like a hobby, since I like everything that involves the game dev and also because it is very different from traditional programming.

I have tried some engines and sometimes I don’t feel at all comfortable, since I want to learn how everything works from inside and really learn how to program a video game without the help of engines.

After thinking a little and trying some frameworks, I decided, at least for now, to focus on two topics

The first is because I like C # and it is one of my favorite languages, and I also consider MonoGame an excellent and well designed framework that comes from XNA and there is a lot of documentation since then, and something very important, it is cross platform!

Programming for GBA is because it is one of my favorite consoles. For me it would be a challenge, since you have to program at a very low level because we handle the hardware directly, even if C ++ is used you have to know its architecture. It is a great way to learn how computers work!

With this in mind, I will be writing in my blog about what I am learning and also uploading games that I will create.

So if you are interested in these two topics, you can follow my journey through my blog.